Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

THE UNCONVERTED, 117 loseth his soul. 0 if you had heard what I believe, if you had seen what I believe, and that on the credit of the word of God, you would say there can be no reason to warrant a man to destroy his soul; you durst not sleep quietly another night, before you had resolved to turn and live. If you see a man put his hand into the fire till it burn off, you will marvel at it; but this is a thing that a man may have a reason for, as Bishop Cranmer had, when he burnt off his hand for subscribing to Popery. If you see a man cut off a leg, or an arm, it is a s::td sight; but this is a thing, that a man may have a good reason for, as many a man hath it done to save his life. lfyou see a man give his body to be tormented with scourges and racks, or to be burned to ashes, and refuse deliverance when it is offered~ this is a hard case to flesh and blood; but this a man may have good reason for, as you may see in Heb. xi. 33-36. and as many a hundred martyrs have done. But for a man to forsake the I-'ord that made him, and to run into the fire of hell, when he is told ofjt, and entreated to turn that he may be saved,- this is a thing that can have no reason in the world to justify or excuse it. For heaven will pay for the loss of any thing that we can lose to obtain it, or for any labour which we bestow for it; but nothing can pay for the loss of heaven. I beseech you now let this word come.nearer to your heart. As you are convinced that you have no ·reason to destroy yourselves, so tell me what reason have you to refuse to turn and live to G_od ? What reason hac:; the veriest worldling, or drunkard, or ignorant careless sinner ofyou all, why he should not lJe as holy as any you know, and be as careful for his soul as any other? · Will not hell be as intolerable to you as to others? Should not your own souls be as dear to you as theirs to them? Hath not God as much authority over you? Why then will you not become a sanctified people, as well as they? 0 l;>irs~ when God bringeth the matter down to