Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

THE UNCONVERTED. 119 to his sanctified ones) ·for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke xii. 32. Object. 2. I am sure, if such as I go to hell, we shall have store of company. .!lnsw. And will that be any ease or comfort to you? Or do you think you may not have company enough in heaven? Will you be undone for company, or will you not believe that God will execute his threatenings, because there be so many that are guilty? These are all unreasonable conceits. Object. 3. But all men are sinners, even the best ofyou all. .!lnsw. But all are not unconverted sinners. The godly live not in gross sins: and their very infirmities are their grief and burden, whieh they daily long, and pray, and strive to be rid of. Sin hath not dominion over them. Object. 4. I do not see that professors are any better than other men; they will overreach and oppress, and are as covetous as any. .!lnsw. VVhatever hypocrites are, it is not so with those that are sanctified. God hath thousands, and tens of thousands that are otherwise, though the malicious world doth accuse them of what they can never prove, and of that which never entered into their hearts; and commonly they charge them with heart-sins, which none can see but God, because they can charge them with no such wickedness in their lives, as they are guilty of themselves. Object. 5. But I am no whoremonger, nor drunkard, nor oppressor; and therefore why should you call upon me to be converted ? .flnsw. As if you were not horn after the flesh, and had not lived after the flesh, as well as others! Is it not as great a sin as any of these, for a man to • have an earthly mind, and to love the world above God, and to have an unbelieving, unhumbled heart? Nay, let me tell you more, that many persons that avoid disgraceful sins, are as fast glued to the world, and as much slaves to the flesh, and as strange to