Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

146 A CALL TO would tempt your understanding to error and preju. dice, you yield. If he would hinder you from good resolutions, it is soon done. If he would cool any good desires or affections, it is soon done. If he would kindle any lust, or vile affections and desires in you, it is soon done. If he will put you on to evil thoughts, or deeds, you are so fi·ee, that he needs no rod or spur. 1f he would keep you fi·om holy thoughts, and words, and ways, a little doth it, you need no curb. You examine not his suggestions, nor resist them with any resolution, nor cast them out as he casts them in, nor quench the sparks which he endeavoureth to kindle; but you set in with him, and meet him halfway, and embrace his motions, and tempt him to tempt you. And it is easy to catch such greedy fish that are ranging for a bait, and will take the bare hook. S. Your destruction is evidently of yourselves, in that you resist all that would help to save you, and would do you good, or hinder you fi·om undoing yourselves. God would help and save you by his word, and you resist it, it is too strict for you. Hewould sanctify you by his Spirit, and you resist and /quench it. If any man reprove you for your sin, you fly in his face with evil words: and if he would draw you to a holy life, and tell you ofyour present danger, you give him little thanks, but either bid him look to himself;' he shall not answer for you; or else, at best, you put him off with heartless thanks, and will not turn when you are persuaded. If ministers would privately instruct and help you, you will not come to them; your unhumbled souls feel but little need of their help; if they would catechise you, you are too old to be catechised, though you are not too old to be ignorant and unholy. vVhatever they can say to you for your good, you are so self:coneeited and wise in your own eyes, even in the depth of ignorance, that you will regard nothing that agreeth not with your present conceits, but contradict your teachers, as ifyou were wiser than they; you resist