Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

150 .A. CALL TO ble doctrine of any of those that agree not with your conceits. One will not hear a minister, because he saith the Lord's prayer; and another will not hear him because he doth not use it. One will not hear them that are for episcopacy; 'and another will not hear them that are against it. And thus I might show it you in many other cases, how you turn all that comes near you to your own destruction; so clear is it that the ungodly are self-destroyers, and that their perdition is of themselves. Methinks now, upon the consideration of what is said, and the review of your own ways, you should bethink you what you have done, and be ashamed and deeply humbled to remember it. Ifyou be not, I pray you consider these following truths:- 1. To be your own destroyers, is to sin against the deepest principle in your natures, even the principle of self-preservation. Every thing naturally desireth or inclineth to its own felicity, welfare, or perfection; and will you set yourselves to your own destruction? ,When y0u are commanded to love your neighbours as yourselves, it is supposed that you naturally love yourselves; but if you love your neighbours no better than yourselves, it seems you would have all the world to be damned. 2. How extremely do you cross your own intentions! I know you intend not your own damnation, even when yqu are procuring it; you think you are but. doing good to yourselves, by gratifying the desires of your flesh. But, alas, it is but as a· draught of cold water in a burning fever, or as the scratching of an itching wild-fire, which increaseth the disease and pain. If indeed you would have- pleasure, profit, or honour, seek them where they are to be found, and do not hunt after them in the way to hell. 3. What pity is it that you should do that against yourselves which none else on earth or in hell can do! If all the world were combined against you, or all the devils in hell were combined against you, they could not destroy you without yourselvesl nor make;