Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

THE UNCONVERTJ<'!Di 161 ments of the Spirit. He is the way, the truth, and the life; there is no coming to the Father but by him. John xiv. 6. Nor is there any other name under heaven, by which you can be saved. Acts iv. 12. Study, therefore, his person and natures, and what he hath done for you, and what he is to you, and what he will be, and how he is fitted to the full supply of all your necessities. DIRECTION VIIL-If you mean indeed to turn and live, do it speedily, without delay. Ifyou be not willing to turn to-day, you are not willing to do it at all. Remember, you are all this while in your blood, under the guilt of many thousand sins, and under God's wrath, and you stand at the very brink of hell; there is but a step between you and-death: and this is not a case for a man that is well in his wits to be quiet in. Up therefore presently, and fly as for your lives, as you would be gone out of your house if it were all on fire over your head. 0, if you did but know in what continual danger you live, and what daily unspeakable loss you sustain, and what a safer and sweeter life you might live, you would not stand trifling, but presently turn. Multitudes miscarry that ·wilfully delay, when they are · -- · ~ Mrl •hat it must be done. Your lives are · ' · > ;.'" 'lnd what a case are you in if yoh . ·•ughly turn! Ye have , -:Jnged God too long. ·. delay. Your con-: staid too l01.0 ·• •• Sin getteth strength ;,vh. version will grow more): have much to do, and tn/ the last, lest God forsake yourselves, and then you a; ~ cmd doubtful. You TtJ ·put not all off to .wd give you up to rlone for ever. DIRECTION. IX.-If you d ll turn and live, do it unreservedly, absolutely, and universally. Think not to capitulate with Christ, and divide your heart between him and the world; and to part with some sins, and keep the rest; and to let that go which .. - 14 -