Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

NOW OR NEVER. EXTRACTED FROM ~ A DISCOURSE OF REV. RICHARD BAXTER. ECCLES. IX. 10. Whatsoever thy hand findetn to ao, do zt with thy rnight; fm· there is no wm·k, no'r device, nm· knowledge, nm· wisdom, in the gmve, whither thou goest. THE mortality of man being the principal subject of Solomon in this chapter, and observing that wisdom and piety exempt not men from death, he first hence infers,, that God's love or hatred to one man above another, is not to be gathered by his dealings with them here, where all things in the common course of providence come alike to all. The common sin hath introduced death as a common punishment, vhich levels all, and ends all the contrivances, businesses, and enjoyments of this life, · to good and bad; and discriminating justice is not ordinarily manifested here: an epicure or infidel would think Solomon was here pleading his unmanly impious cause: but it is not the cessation of the 11fe, or operations, or enjoyments of the soul that he is speaking of, as if there were no life to come, or the soul of man were not immortal; but it is the cessation of all the actions, and honours, and pleas,- llrj::S of this life, which to g6od or bad shall be no