Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

NOW OR NEVER. 173 awake, and live, and hear the Lord, before the grave and hell have shut their mouths upon you! Hear now, lest hearing be too late! Hear now, if you will ever hear. Hear now, if you have ears to hear! And, 0 ye sons of light, that see what sleeping sinners see not, call to them, and ring them such a peal oflamentations, tears, and compassionate entreaties, a<s is suited to such a dead and doleful state; who knows but God may bless it to awake them? II. If any of you be so far awakened as to ask me what I am calling you to do, my text tells you in general, Up and be doing; look about you, and see what you have to do, and do it with your might. 1. "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do," that is, whatsoever is a duty imposed by the Lord, whatsoever is a means conducing to thy own or others' welfare; whatsoever necessity calleth thee to do, and opportunity alloweth thee to do. "Thy hand findeth;" that is, thy executive powers by the conduct of thy understanding, is now to do. "Do it with thy might." Do thy best in it. 1. Trifle not, but do it presently, without unnecessary delay. 2. Do it resolutely; remain not doubtful, unresolved, in suspense, as if it were yet a question with thee whether thou shouldst do it, or not. 3. Do it with thy most awakened affections, and serious intention of the powers of thy soul. Sleepiness and insensibility are most unsuitable to such works. 4. Do it with all necessary forecast and contrivance: not with a distracting hindering care; but with such a care as may show that you despise not your Master, and are not regardless of his work: and with -such a care as is suited to the difficulties and nature of the thing, and is necessary to the due accomplishment of it. 5. Do it not slothfully, but vigorously and with diligence. "Hide not thy hand in thy bosom with the slothful," and say not, "There is a lion in the