Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

NOW OR NEVER. 177 punishments ofsloth. Hard labour redeemeth time: you will have the more to lay out on greater works: the slothful is still behindhand, and therefore must leave much of his work undone. 2. Are you ·parents or governors of families? You have work to do for God, and for your children and servants' souls. Do it with your might: deal wisely, but seriously and frequently with them about their sin, their duty, and their hopes of heaven; tell them whither they are going, and which way they must go. Make them understand that they have a higher Father and Master that must be first served, and greater work than yours. Waken them fi·om their natural insensibility and sloth: turn not all your fiunily duties into lifeless customary forms; whether extemporary, or by rote; speak about God, and heaven, and hell, and holiness, with that seriousness which beseems men that believe what they say, and would have those believe it to whom they speak. Talk not either drowsily, or lightly, or jestingly of such dreadful, or joyful, inexpressible things. Remember, that your families and you are going to the grave, and to the world where there is no more room for your exhortations. There is no catechising, examining, or serious instructing them in the grave, whither they and you are going.-It must be now or neve1·: and therefore do it with your might. "The words of God must be in your hearts, and you must diligently teach them to your children, talking of them when you sit in your houses, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up." 3. Have you ignorant or ungodly neighbours, whose misery calls for your compassion and relief? Speak to them, and help them with prudent diligence. Lose not your opportunities: stay not till death hath stopped your mouths, or stopped their ears. Stay not till they are out of hearing, or till heaven be lost, before you have seriously called on them to remember it. Go to their houses: take all