Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

NOW OR NEVER. 179 ish them that do well, be a terror to the wicked, encourage the strictest obedience to the universal Governor, discountenance the breakers of his laws. Your trust is great, and so is your advantage to do good; and how great will be your account, and how dreadful, if you be unfaithful! 6. To come yet a little nearer to you, and speak of the work that is yet to be done in your own souls; are any ofyou yet in the state ofunrenewed nature, born only of the flesh, and not of the Spirit? "Minding the things of the flesh, and not the things of the Spirit," and consequently yet in the power of Satan, taken captive hy him at his will? Up and be doing, if thou lovest thy soul. If thou carest whether thou shalt be in joy or misery for ever, bewail thy sin and spiritual distress. Go to Christ, cry mightily to him for his renewing, reconciling, and pardoning grace. Plead his satisfaction, his merits, and his promises; away with thy rebellion, and thy beloved sin; deliver up thy soul entirely to Christ, to be sanctified, governed and saved by him. Make no more demurs; it is not a matter to be questioned, or trifled in. Let the earth be acquainted with thy bended knees, and the air with thy complaints and cries, and men with thy confessions and inquiries after the way of life; and heaven with thy sorrows, desires, and resolutions, till thy soul be acquainted with the Spirit of Christ; and with the new, the holy and heavenly nature, and thy heart have received the transcript of God's law, the impress of the Gospel, and so the image of thy Creator and Redeemer~ For there is no conversion, renovation, or repentance unto life, in the grave whither thou goest. It must be now or never. And never saved if never sanctified: "Without holiness no man shall see the Lord." 7. Hast thou any prevailing sin to mortify, that either reigneth in thee, or woundeth thee and kecpeth thy soul in d:nkness and unacquaintedness with .God? Assault it resolutely; reject it speedily; abhor