Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

184 NOW OR NEVER, and did not choose the fear of the Lord: they would none of his counsel, but despised all his reproof." Up, therefore, and work with all thy might. Let unbelievers trifle, that know not that the righteous God stands over them, and know not that they are now to work for everlasting, and know not that heaven or hell is at the end. Let them delay, and laugh, and play, and dream away their time, that are drunk with prosperity, and mad with fleshly lusts and pleasures, and have lost their reason in the cares, and delusions, and vain-glory of the world. But shall it be so with thee, whose eyes are opened, who seest the God, the heaven, the hell, which they do but hear of as unlikely things? Wilt thou live awake, as they that are asleep? Wilt thou do in the day-light, as they do in the dark? Shall freemen live as Satan's slaves? Shall the living lie as still and useless as the dead? "Work then while it is day; for the night is coming, when none can work." But you will say, perhaps, 'Alas! what might have we? We have no sufficiency of ourselves: without Christ we can do nothing. And this we find when it comes to the trial.' 1. I answer, It is not might that is originally thine own, that I am calling thee to exercise; but that \vhich thou hast already received from God, and that which he is ready to bestow. Use well but all the might thou hast, and thou shalt find thy labour is not in vain. 2. Art thou willing to use the might thou hast, and to have more, and use it if thou hadst it? If thou art, thou hast then the strength of Christ: thou standest not, and woikest not, by thy own strength; his promise is engaged to thee, and his strength is sufficient for thee. But if thou art not willing, thou art without excuse; when thou hast heaven and hell set open in the word of God to make thee willing, God will distinguish thy wilful.. ness fi·om unwilling weakness,