Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

PREFACE!. 31 would be better with them than it is. But if nothing can be heard, what then shall we do for them1 If the God of heaven be slighted, who then shall be regarded1 if the inestimable love and blood of a Redeemer be made light of, what then shall be valued1 If heaven have no desirable glory with them, and everlasting joys be nothing worth; if they can jest at hell, and dance about the bottomless pit; and play with the consuming fire, and that when God and man do warn them of it, what shall we do for such souls as these1 Once more, in the name of the God of heaven, I shall do the message to you which he bath commanded us, and leave it in these standing lines to convert you or condemn you: to change you, or rise up in jurlgment against you, and to be a witness to your faces, that once you had a serious call to turn. Hear all you that are drudges of the world, and the servants of flesh and Satan! that spend your days in looking after prosperity on earth, and drown your conscience in drinking, and gluttony, and idleness, and foolish sports, and know your sin, and yet will sin, as if you set God at defiance, and bid him do his worst and spare not~ Hearken, all you that mind not God, and have no heart to holy things, and feel no savour in the word or worship of the Lord, or in the thoughts or mention of eternal life, that are careless ofyour immortal souls, an\l never bestow one hour in inquiring what case they are in, whether sanctified or unsanctified, and whether you are ready to appear before the Lord! Hearken all you that, by sinning in light, have sinned yourselves into infidelity, and do not believe the word of God. He that ltath an ear to hear, let him hear the gracious and yet dreadful call of God! His eye is all this while upon you. Your sins are registered, and you shall surely hear of them all again. God keepeth the book now; and he will write it all upon your consciences with his terro1:s; and then you also shall keep it yourselves! 0 sinners, that you but knew what you are doing, and whom you are all this while om~nding! The sun itself is darkness before the glory of that l\fajesty, which you daily abuse and carelessly provoke. The sinning angels were not able to stand btfore him, but were cast down to be tormented with devils. And dare such silly worms as you so carelessly offend, and set yourselves against your Maker! 0 that you did but a little know what case that wretched soul is in, that bath engaged the living God against him! The word of his mouth, that made thee, can unmake thee; the frown of his face will cut thee off and cast thee out into utter darkness. How eager are the devils to be doing with thee that have tempted thee, and do but wait for the word from God to take and use thee as their own! ami then in a