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( 44) pray may be done in Earth as it is in Heaven. 32. Hence alio it is that as We increafe in Holine's we increafe Luk.z,53 favour with God : which if it might befaid of( brill who never had man z 1, a8, any Privative defed of Holinefs, but only was to increafe in the en- i , ercife of t, having no fin at all, how much more of us, who are re- moving fill from our Corruption and Jinfulprovocations of God. Prov.u.2.0. Though if We take Gods Love an fignifying only his Decree of doing Mario, z5. Good to ins Eventually it hath fo no increafe or decreafe, and is the Prov.817. famebefore we are Regenerate, born or Redeemed,as after, yet take- lieb-13.2I. a Tim. a. z in St ( 1 before flieWed infitteftfor us of:sally to take it) for Cor.i5.,; 4. the fin ofhis will as the Fountain andendofMorality, and as he is conceived (after our lowmanner ofConception) to have that tran- fcendently andeminenter, Which formaliter in man we call Ethical Vertue,Goodnefs, Holinefs, &c. wherein conlifleth theperfeEtions of the Will, and fo we tnayone molt fay, that we increafe in favour With cod, as we increafe in Holinefs and obedience, and the better any mangrows,themore God lovethhim:WhichWhether it can be (aid ofhis pardon,which addetbno more to hirenbtit the continuedor renew- ed Right to Impunity(and thereforemoll Divines fay 7uflification it perfetl, butfanElification isflill to increafe) I leave to confederation. 33. Hencealto it isnhat in theflareofperfertion in Glory,there fhall Rev. 21.27. be no morepardoningoffin,(though the remembrance &MIN efeEts Eph.5 26,27. of former pardon fhall be continued, and we praife Godfor ever Luk,11.2. for redeeming us by the blood of the Lamb) but our Holings fhall be perfet7, and our RighteournefS from that time forward only in berent (though as toformer fins, We flillfhall retain the Righteotif nets ofRemiffion) : which 'kerns that perfeti holinefs and inherent Righteoufnefs, is that which god-is better pleated with, then to be fillremittingfin, and covering our oWn faults ; °rale he Would not make that theitate of our prfeRion,Where he fhall attain the end of Chrifis blood,and all his means andworkings fully ,and We attain the end ofourfaith,hope and labours. 34. Af fubjellionand allegiance to God goeth naturally before ourfinning againfl him, andfo before the pardon ofour fin, le When the firmer is Receiving Chrifi by Faith , he mull firfl in or- der confider him as a King, Ruler, and Teacher, before he confider or Receive him as the Pardoner ofanyfuture fin againfl Chri f which ( though it be like to meet with relist-fancy with thole whofe principles it fobvertetle) is yet a moll evident truth. Forpardon pre- Pippofetb