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(76) better for them, becaufe the ends of his Government require this. 3. in a domeflical Government, we commonly fay, when one child is loving, thankful! and obedient to the father, when others aredifobedient,and contemnhim,that he deferveth the love ofthe father, and confequently the-benefitswhich are the fruits of that love, 4. In Ethical refped, we are wont to fay, that goodnefs deferves our love. Good actions or good perfons, or thofe that love us, or thofe that run any great hazzards, or fuffered much in love to us, deferve to be loved again. 5. Yea, we give the praife ofmerit commonly to bruits themfelves, for fome excellen- cies ofnature wherein they excel others.Yet there is fo great a di-, fiance between God and us, that we fhould be let's bold in our ex- preffions. Real: 7. The Scripture ufeth thefe words, which we well tran- flate worthineli, Reward, &c. And how mach thefe are related tomerit; and ofhow neer importance they are to [meritjl leave to confideration. Mr. Eyre faith, that the Scripture ufeth thefe improperly ; and then why fhould I cenfure that man as errone- ous, that ufeth a wordof foneer fignification or importance im- properly ? Real. 8. Yet neerer ; Whether theScripture contain not thofe terms applied to maas aftions, which may be tranflated merit- ing,or merit, &c. fome doubt upon thefe grounds. t.gics and Wfee are found in Scripture:whether thefe fignifie meriting andmerit,as well as Worthy andWorth. s,needs not much enquiry, ifwe hand to the common Iudgement of Lexicons and Authors.rid.Math. MartiniumLexic. in verbo Mereor. Perottm, Merere 03- A ereri fignificat Dignum etre, cum polife accufandi cajun; habet,&c. Bus ergo; is commonly tranflated Digntu. rid: etiamMartinium in adverbioMerito, et nomine,Meritum. 'Perot. Dignesm dieirnut ,quad Meretur, Scab'g. 1,4.Poet.e. Jo .Graci jE6 dicunt :under' fententia qua omnium confenfu digme feint utfuapte naturafine ulla probatione Vera credanteir. Writ %situ?. Dignitas conditio perfona, que putatur aut abomnibtu,aut pluribas,aut melioribus Digna eel laude vel pronio. And meriturn is commonly. defined (as (.../Trartin.noteth) A Ilia qua Mum eft ut agenti aliquid deter. It is a Righteous thingwith God to recompence tribulation to them that trouble you, and to you that are troubledReft with us,when, &c.. z Thef. ,1.6,7,8. As a Righteous Judge he fball give the Crown <.: