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(78) our tranflation bath it. It feemeth then that there are words in Scripture ufed as tomans actions Godward, which fignifie pro- perly Merit , and therefore muff be taken improperly ; and fo may the word Merit, on the fame ground, as well as the word Worthy, which we ufe in our tranflation. The fame may be faid of t2i=a0' which is oft ufed, z Tim. 1. 18. the fame with that in Luke before cited, ios 6 if.yeiTns (4/56if'dtag. And Heb. i i . 6. God is called Ta; ix;n7-C,v detf`th1J-07.Z7ZcPLTnC3 A Rewarder of them that deligently feek him. And his anion in rewarding is called /21°3M- CTO,POTEctiltheYt)tii) : Great Recompence of Reward or giving the Reward by way ofrecompence. And its faid of(....4ofes, Heb. z6. cG2'71i,eASTS its 7t12) o at/ hehad refpeet to the Re- compence of Reward. Many times is die like word ufed by Chrift and his Apoffles. Its true as Grotius faith, that the Hebrew and Greek words,Promifeue Mercedis & Doni Went fignificationem: quo magzs apparet non earn Om vim hujus yetis ut aqualitatem interfadum & rem defideret. But then he addeth withal!: fed mere Latina vox id exigit. Eft quidemMerces, ut Varro vat, merendo : at ikierere aut . Mereri Latin"' veteribus erat confequi. Merces ea quam Deus rependit obedientia noting fundamentum ha- bet in liberal' &miferecordi ipfitts promsfflone. Alioqui non digna font qua hic patimtsr, gloriofo pram.° quod nabis o6venturum eft. Grot. in-Mat. 6. 3. And on lam. 2. p.14. he faith alto, (men- tioning that ofCyprian, precept's efts, & monitis o6temperandum eft, ut accipiant Aleritanoting Mercedem)tjo in loco, & veterum aliis, vox Meriti, ficfumenda eft, flout vox Mercedes, non apud ipfos tantum fed& its facris literu, Mat. 5. 12, & IO. 42. Luk. 35. x Cor. 3. 14. nimirum non ex aqualitate operio & retributi onis, qua hic certe eft. Sed ex liberaltffirna promifflone qua laborantibus nobis Jus dat ; ita ut hoc negotium ad Donationem fub conditione, quamadproprie didam locutionem t condidionem, cui contra5lui agnate Mercedis & cillerendi voces, propius accedat quofenfu eti4mPaulus dicit redditarumDetonpiisfecundum ipforurn opera, Rom. 2. 6. quorum operum explicatio o-ovsx,Po.xpti per corn- plexione eft, Mat. 25. circa piern, redditurum fcilicet 7udicio non rigida,fed rnira qualm dementia temperate, & diredo ad naturam benigniffirni fcederis per & propter Chriflumfad1. Moreover, our Divines take the Latin word A'lerces, not onely to be tollerable, but to be Scripture fence, for theyoft retain it in our tranflations of