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°O. ( 82 ) efeternal life, and that wemutt believe and obey, that we may be accounted worthy, and that there is a certain Evangelical worthy. nels of Gods Love, and foof the Reward,which confifteth in our fincere Faith and obedience. For this is plain Scripture. 2. But yet though Chrift fpeak of fuch aworthinefs ' becaufe the phrafe improper we thould ufe it fparingly , and alwayes either avoid it or explain it, where there is danger either of hardening the erroneous, or ofoffending the weak, by the incau- telous ufe of it. 4. The fame I fay of the term Rafted; I. It is lawful to ufe it, becaufe Chrift doth it fo oft : and indeed fome more neceffity ofding this, then either of the former. 2. But yet it mutt be ufed with Caution and Explication, for the forefaid reafons. 5. But there is no word that we have made more quarrelling about in this bufinefs, then the terms Righteous,Righteoufnefs,and 7:sftification, even when we were agreed about the matter. It is incontinent with my intended brevity, now to mention the divers fignifications, and ufes of thefe words : Only in brief I (hail lay down my thoughts, as far as is requifite to our prefent purpofe,in thefe Propolitions. Propofition 1. I do not in tbefe difputesabout the Righteonf- nefr of. Believers, take the word for that particular vertue, which is ufually faid to be a Conttant and Perpetual Will ofgiving every man his due : But fometime materially for the Obfervation of the Laws : And molt ufually Relatively for Non-reatas, nor gun- tinefs, either as to the Reams Culpa vel posna in a legal and ju- diciary fenfe. Propofition 2. It is not only agreeable to Scripture, and fo warrantable to call men Righteous, becaufe of their own Faith, Repentance and fincere Obedience , but alto fo frequently done in Scripture , and on fuch weighty grounds , that this phrafe is to be ufed ordinarily by Chriftians , and not difowned or avoided. Propofition 3. Yet where.ever any men are called righteous, becaufe of their own holynefs and obedience it 'fill fuppoi- leth the pardon of all their fin in the blood ofChrift, which ts cal- led ordinarily, imputed righteouthefs : and this as fupereminent above the other, as totheir Juitification , as I have before ex preffed. Pm8p. 4.