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*Toft.Crocius oIe ufitft. Vifp.6. p.131. Non nego Cre- dentes julios Conflitui per intberentem ju- flitiam non nifi per itlam juflos conflittti nego : fed afi%- no ya(los con- Putt Ilan per jugificationena turn perlanai- ficationem. Jot( 6. 17. Gen 2.z. 16, 17918. Luk 19. 17. k 7. 29 . For this Laying Rev 7.15, '&164 'ITO 35. (SO The fecond phrafe that Iwould have liberty to ufe, is, Our faith andfincere Obedience do thernfelves make us Righteous, our fins beingfreelypardoned in the blood of Chrift : All our Divines Confefs an Inherent Righteoufnefs. A Righteoulnefswhich will not fo far make Righteous,is a molt palpable contradielion; with me, its one thing to 7uflifie Configktive (which goes before all kind offentential Juftification) and to make Righteous : feeing therefore I have their good leave to fay, that faith it felf and obedience,do make or conftitute us Righteous, I can forbear if it chipleafe them, to ufe the equipollent phrafe, that faith itPelf andobedience do isigifie. The third phrafe that I would have leave to ufe, is that of God, we 'hallall be judgedAccording to our Work!, or, to what we have done in the body. If they can bear mens ufe of this phrafe, they can bear all that I intend or defire : and I think it apter to exprefs my thoughts by, then the other,we are Tuft, fledby works : for it is to the J uffification at judgement that I havechief refpea,when I fpeak of the intereft ofObedience in our Juftifi- cation. Propof. 7. The word Juftification is ufually by many Divines taken only for Gods firft Remiffion of fin at our Converfion,and his then Accepting us as Righteous : And when we difpute with men that do and will underftand the word jutfifie in no larger fenfe then fo,' we mutt needsgrant them,that (according to that fenfe) we are not juftified by any Pofitive works of external obedience; no, nor by any aft (or habit) of faith it felt; per- formed from the time ofthe firft ati till death, but by the very fit-ft inftantaneous aet only: fo that in their fenfe of 7ufl ification, I grant them, as to the exclufionofman, much more then they defire. Some other phrafes there be that I had thought to have fail, fomething to, as being uilified for faith or obedience, or becaufe of them, andby them, and of tp,ifling to them, with other the like; but having done that which I account molt neceffary, I fhall pafs by there, for brevity fake. And thus i have given, for the fatisfaaion of all ofended, Cenforious Brethren,a true Account of my iudgement,howmuch I afcribe to mans works, both in fenfe and terms. I begun with the lateer, being about_ a Confedion,, where verbal ;differences, have