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( 113) any fin after Regeneration , and not to give us pardon whenwe need it,is,as I have fbewed,a lloarine unfit for Chriftian tongues or ears; Sin doth (firn) in its own nature, bringguilt upon thefin- ner, Whereby he is boundover to the wrathof God , and curfe of the Law, &c. fay theAffembly ; and then, inorder of nature , (whatever it be in time) the Promife in the blood of Chrit, dif- folveth this Obligation, and Remitteth this guilt and cute. So in the larger Catechifm , Every fin even the leaft being againfl the Soveraignty, Goodneli, andHolynefs of god, and againft his righteous Law, deferveth his wrath and cure both in this lie, andthat which is to come, and cannot be expiated but by the blood of Chrift. And that we may efeape the wrath and curfe of God , due to a., firfin, he requireth of us Repentance, &c. There mutt be then a guilt or obligation byor to the curfe, for every fin in order of na- ture before it is remitted,by the ApplicationofChrifts blood. This is as much as ever I faid, this way. Conchs. 19. I am very confident that the very new nature of a Regnerate man, as confining in his humility , felf-denyal Re- pentance Hatred of fin, and fenfeof the need of Chrift , and the Grace of God in pardoning, doth contain in it fomewhat that is really oppofite to the contrary opinion, and that if a true Chriftian fhould fay, /am not guilty : or I deferze not the wrath andcurfe of godfor my fin : or no punifhment i4 due to me : there is fomething within him that would rife againft him , and draw backwith abhorrence from contenting hereto. And if he fbould be drawn by fedudion and faction, to hold fuck opinions fpecula- tively, yet true Grace will not fuller him to hold them practically and prevalently : For fo to hold them, I think, is incontinent with true Grace. Conclu 20. I do not know that ever I heard any that were ac- counted Orthodox, pray to God and confefs their fins , but they would confefs that they deferved the wrath and curfe of God And he that will deny this, (hall never be my mouth toGod in prayer, if I can help it. As natureteacheth the poor Infant to.cry in the feeling of its hurts or hunger : So truly doth the new na- ture teach every Chriftian to cry toGod for pardon , and to con- fefs that it deferveth his wrath and curfe for lin. If the. Antino- mians fay, that hereby I cenfure them as Grace-lefs, and in a damnable Efate ; I Aafro. r. Let them fee to it, that it be not fo.' 2.1