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018) the Prornife. I Joh, 1. 9. If we confeJs ourfins , he isfaithful and jaft to forgive as ourfins. Mark. Andwhenyefixed praying , for- give, if ye have ought aping any ; that your Father al fa which is an heaven may forgiveyou your trefpaffes. Mat. 6. r 2, 14. and 18. 35. So likewifeAdmyheavenlyFather do alfo to yowl, sf ye from 'our heart'forgivenot every one his brother their treirpdffes. Rom 8. 3. For ifye liveafter thejlefhoefhall die: but if ye thnugly the Spirit do tnortifie the Deeds of the body, ye (hall live, A multitude of filch texts might quickly be produced : But the general tenor of the Promite puts all out of doubt, teeing it is made but to Be- lievers and Penitent ones, or tomen if they will believe and re- pent; therefore fbould they ceafe to believe and repent, the'Pro- mife would ceafe to juftifie them , and give them right toChrift and Life. And to put fuch a fuppofition byway of difpute is far from being fo abfurd as Mr. Crandon makes it, when God himfelf Both put it fo oft in his Word , and a Chriftian muft put it to his own heart, to prevent his Apoftacy What a hainowfin were it ! and what afearfulcafe were 1in, if Ifhould ../Ipoflatizel That I do not leave a Chriftian unjuftified ( for all this ) till death , as Mr, Crandon frequently cha-rgeth me to do, I have fhewed before, and may do further anon. We are not onlyCon- ditionally, but Adually Juftified when we believe : But it follows not that we are jafiified from all the fin that is yet uncommitted, any otherwife then Conditionally. Conclu. 24. I do believe that God Judged Adam,and mankind in him, for the firft fin, Gen. 3. for all the promife of the Re- deemer; and that he Executed, at leaft, part of the fentence there paffed (orrather All, that All being but part of what was de- ferved.) And it is my opinion that the evils there mentioned, which Rill lie on.Believers, are fruits ofthat firft fin, and ofthe threatning (orCurfe, if you will fo call that fmall part ofthe Threat) ofthat Law, which Jefus Chrift hath undertaken to re- move, but not at once. but by degrees, fo that the laft fhall not be removed till the Refurredion ' this Life being the time which Chrift as Phyfician hath taken for the performing of the Cure, that he may then prefent us fpotlefs and pettedly found tohis Fa- ther. And that he did not all thiscure on the crofs. Condo. 25. Certain I am that the fandified themelves are under Puniftiment,and that Puniaiment is the elidof the threat- ning