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ThePreface to the Readers. Cap. 46. cQuid adeofimile Pbilofophlos ? Grx- ace Di cipultts &Cali ? FaMe Negotiator, 6. vita ? verbo- rum jaaortim operator ? To Trade for life eternal , is not confident with Trading principally for Fame. 2. It is .objeccled, that lively I am Proud, and the evi- dence is, that I contradict fo many others, and fpeak fo flightly of others as I do. Anfiv. 1. I fay to this as to the former: T will by Gods help fearch myheart for the fin ofPride,anddefire them to do the like , and fee that they be well acquit from ufurping Gods prerogative and flandering their Bro- ther. And this I dare fay, that the evideateft vLory that I have had againft any fin (except Covetoafnefs ) is againft Pride; and if I have not conquered this, I have conquered none : And yet I feel fuch reliques of it, that am forced to fufpe6t it, and conitantly watch againft it in all myundertakings. 2. But howcome I to be fOun- happy, that only thole that know me not, load me with this charge, and never any one Brother did tell me of it tomy face yr 3. It may be worth their labour to fearch how much Pride may lie in their impatiency of con- tradiction, and making a man an offender for a word, and being fuch that a man knows not how to fpeak to them, for fear of feeming contumelious , by withdrawing, or not giving them the honour they expect. I remember how Flu in excufedhis fiend to a man of fuch a fpirit, and with a fear left after hiS greateft caution he ihould feem contumelious himfelf by the Apologie, Epift. 143. adProcsileianum. Audivi de Memoratofratre tefude con- -queltum, pod' nefcio quid tibi contumeliofe reffronderit : pod qt.41;; tone dam contumeliam deputes, quum certum mini eli non defuperboanimo procefiffe : Novi enimfratrem mean; : fedfiquidin difputandoprofidefua, & proEcclefhe charitate, di. itfortaie ferventius, quarn tua gravito nollet audire ; non