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The Preface to the .Readers. king their Defence ? But this proceeds from the reiped of perfons ; which blindeth the wife, and perverteth. juitice. Thence it is, that I amblamed by many Friends for Replying tomy Reverend Brother Mailer Biake,whoyet tell me that for all the rift its no matter, they deferved no better : When I ufed more reverence and care to avoid offenfivewords to him,then any another. Hierome faith thus to Augufiine (Hieron. Tom.z. p.35 2 . Edit. Ba- fit. Et inter Epift. Auguft. eft Epif.18. pag. 2. 7 .Edit.Parif) _Nee ego tibi, fed caufa caufie refpondit. Et fa colpa eft re- fpondifje qthefout patienter audias, multo major eft provo- caffe : fed faceffaiit ifliufmodi queremonix-,fit inter nos pura dermanitas deinceps non 6,Qtpeffionum, fed charitatis, adnos Scripta Mittamus. objec1.5. Others fay that by intimating their errors, I diflionour the Miniftry, andbring them into reproach. Anfrv. z . And yet I amblamed for honoring them fo much, and drawing the people to fomach dependanceon them. 2. Then do I more difhonour my feif: For, though I yet know them not in particular (for elfe I errednot) yetin general, I doubt not but I have a multitude of er- rors and than have while I am here where we know but in part. 3. He that exaltethhimfelf fhall bebrought low, and he,that humblethhimfelf than be exalted. It will more honour any Minifler humbly to confefs his imperfe&ion, then to take himfelfwronged by thole that modeftly in- timate them, byaflerting the contraryTruth. Great Au- was not too good to confefs more, Epift.i4o. Au- Acta. 'orae,alum legs quomodo fum, de culla latis 4tque abdi- penetralibits,Nefcio longephira earn fcio e Andoft he twit thelike, 4-