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'4: (1 fP The Preface to the Readers. derers that give this out. I have fpoke to this in my fol- lowing Confeflion, andadd with Tertul.Apol.c.2o.Nemo jam ipfamiam incutlat , nemo aliud exijtimet, pia nee fas eft 'di de flo Religione mentiri. z. I affed nounion with any that are not united to Cbrifl, or appear fo to me, by being in union with his Church: I will incorporate with none that deny any fun- damental effential point of Chriftianiity : And for the ref}, I dole not with them in their errors, but in the true faith which they profels . And thole that be unfitted for actual Communion , though I communicate not with them, yet do I take it to be my duty to do my beft to make them fit. I will not dole with a Papift, as a Papa; but if I meet with a Chriftian that goeth under that name, I will own him as a Chriftian, though not as a Pa- pift5and I would endeavor to undeceive him that I might fullyer joynwith him: And to that end I would take out of theway Tome hurtfull fumbling blocks, that I finde there laid. If he be curled that putteth a fumbling block before the blind, I doubt he is too guilty that is angry withhim that would remove it 3. I never affected a Unionon unlawful! terms (Co far as I could difcern them;). Never did I motion that we might renounce the leaf part of Gods Truth for unity withany: but only that we might findeout the true point of difference, and remove our verbal quarrels out of the way, and then confider, whether our difagreements are fuch as will warrant a rejection, feparation, and condem- nationof each other, or not ; and accordingly to clofe, or alienate® Inour Agreement about Difcipline , logic are offended that we affected any agreement with the E- pifcopal Divines : and moft of .them, as averfe from it, and undifpofed to clofe with others;As ifindeed we were Rot all Brethren 5 and xni lit not well be agreed, were we truly