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RICH: BAXTER'S Confesfsionofhis Faith) Elpecially concelLni"ng the trite- rep ofRepentance and fincere Obe- dience to CHRIST, in our JUSTIFICATION 84 SALVATION. VVritten for the fatisfadion of the mif- informed, the conviction ofCalumniators, and the Explication and Vindication of fame weighty T R u T H s, T M. 4.8. Godlinef is profitable to All things , having promife of the Life that now is, and of that which is to come. R E V. 22.14. Bidedare they that Do his Commandments , it they may have Right to the Tree of Life, and may enter in by the Gates into the City. LONDON, Printed by R. w. for Tho. Vnderhil, and Bra. ritOff, land are tobe fold at the Anchar and Bible in Pauls Church-yard, and at the three Daggers in Ileetfireet. c 6 5 5.