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(i) CHAP. I. The Occafion and Scope ofthis Writing. T is now about five years fince T publifbed a Book Entituled, Aphorifms of 71illification, &c. which I let pats in haft, before I had well digefted or perfeeted, being not likely to have much longer time on earth: I chofe rather fo to publifh it, then to fupprefs it, that at leaft I might provoke otherswhen I am dead to make a further difcovery ofthe 'truth.Tt was the firft that I publifhed,and I was.then a ftranger to the difpofitions of Divines, and limply thought that none would be offended with one that held the fame Chriftian Doftrine, for attempting a clearer explication of it, though he differed from them in idler things ; yea, though he failed in his attempt, as long as he abhorred dividing from the Church : thought I might have boldly laid to Chriftian Minifters, as 7fiftin /t/Lvvr did to Hea- thens, Apolof. 1. Fin *Mere things We offer to your confialerati- on they teem agreeable to Reafon and Verity, honor them, but if they feem toys , as top contemn them , bmt do not heilely per- fecote