Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. Sinner. ·what mine! that have provoked thee s.o long? · And done thy blood and spirit so much wrong? Jesus. I died for enemies: it is my glory, To wash foul hearts, and blot out all their story. Sinner. \Vhat! one so long! so terrible! so sad! Love one so hateful ! pardon one so bad ! Jesus. Hast thou such sins as I cannot forgive? Or any wants which I cannot relieve ? Sinner. I know thy blood can wash aw~y my guilt: I doubt not thou canst heal me, if thou wilt. Jesus. How hath my will deserved thy suspicion, When I have made acceptance the condition ? Consent, and all is thine: my gift is free: The purchase is not to be made by thee. [done: Sinner. I know what thou wilt do, shall sure be But some God hates: I fear that I am one. . Jesus. And must the love declared at such a rate, Go veil'd by the suspicion 6f hate? For this I came to men from God above, To manifest his great abundant love: Mark what my doctrine, life and death intend This is' their principal design and end: ,Not only to reveal God's. power and sl~ill, ,But chiefly his great mercy and good will. Sinner. Yet he will save none but his own elect : Not those that his salvation neglect. Jes-us. My promise, and thy duty, thou may'st see, But canst not search the depth of God's decree. . Mercy intreats thee: here it's brought unto thee: Take it, and God's decree shall not undo thee.