Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. My heart is harden'd; I cannot repent: My will's enthralled; I ca,nnot consent. This will condemn me at the dreadful day: 1 may have life, but will not when I may. 95 Jesus. Art thou not willing? why then dost thou crave it? have it ? Dost thou complain for grace, and would'st not If thou hadst rather be ungodly still, It seems thou speak'st all this against thy will. Sinner. Would not the worst of men be saved from Hell?. · And in delight and endless pleasure dwell? But to be holy I have no desire, But as a means to keep me from Hell-fire. When I seem to do good, or ill forbear~ It is not out oflove, but slavish fear. All my religion is but from self-love: I find no pleasure in the things above. Jesus. of self is the foundation Which grace builds on, and useth for salvation . He that loves not himself, loves not another: It's as thyself that thou must love thy brother: Thy own salvation is the lawful end, Which grace and .nature bind thee to intend; Why was I made man, but for man's salvation? I suffer'd death to ·hinder thy damnation. These are the ends· for which thou must believe. Life through a Saviour's that thou must receive It's carnal self that wicked men do love: The lawful love of self they '11 not improve. They aJI prefer sin's pleasure -for a season; Their .fleshy appetite doth rule their re~son ,