Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

!)8 BAXTER'S POEMS. The life, the strength, the glory, the delight, :And that which makes it lovely in God's·sight ; _ The honour, safety, gain, and true content; _ And that which must the pains of Hell prevent : Take these as undivided; all in one ; And view not one disjointed part alone: If all together seem a choicer treasure Than worldly gain, and sinful fading pleasure, And turn the scales in thy deliberation ; Then doubt not of thy title to salvation. But dost thou not desire that God would love thee? And make thee just and lovely, and approve thee? \iVouldst thou not see his face in glorious light, And there sing Allelujahs in his sight? And love him perfectly world without end, More dearly than thou lov'st thy dearest friend ? w ·here thou shalt be replenished with joy, And no disturbance shall thy soul annoy: \Vhere no temptation, sin, or grief shall come : Where my own love and joy shall be thy home, Abiding with the host of Heaven always, In the sweet music of Jehovah 's praise. Th is glorious life with God, thou must love best : Yet as thy own felicity and rest: In union and fruition of a friend, Nor one, but both the lovers are the end. And hast thou no desire or will to this ? Wouldst thou not live with God in endless bliss ? S . So,me cold desires ofHeav'n theworst may have But dreaming lazy wishes will not save. J es . Judge by these three for ending all the strife : Thy estimation, choice, and bent of life.