Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

120 BAXTER'S POEMS. Freedom from terror·, Satan, sin, and Hell, Man's self-made, and God's just revenging rod-~ He sees why love in man's repair must be As much admir'd, as power in our creation, Sinners cannot immediately God see, But by a medi~tor have salvation. Now all things else seem loss and dung for Christ; Wisdom is folly where Christ is left out ; To know him is the true philosophy ; The rest doth teach men but to prate and doubt. Some glimpse of God and Heav'n, blurr'd nature yields, ' · But it 's but as a candle to the sun; Others towards God andHeav'nmaygrope and creep, Christians with joyful hope believe but run. But will Christ to such sinners Saviour be, Who long and wilfully contemn'd his grace? Yes, if they have but hearts to him to come ; He excepts none: he'll all their sins deface. The prodigal now hopefully ·resolves, In Christ I'll trust, and to my father go, When there 's but one way, who should stand and . doubt? The vanity of all things else I know. If in his house I may the lowest be, His wondrous grace I will with thanks proclaim; My sin and misery I will confess, And in repentance take deserved shame. And when repenting souls are thus resolved, And with qesigu do tow'rds their father come_,