Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. Man turn'd it by his sinful base defection, Into God's prison and house of correction. God's wondrous mercies which do never fail, Fetch many sons to Heav'n out of this gaol. If the rest finally neglect God's grace, 13 1 And choose no better than this sinful place. The dre1tm .ofpleasure which will end in shame, \ They had their choice, andwhom else can theyblame? Who'd censure God for one poor Bedlam's sake, But such as of his madness do partake ? And though he rage, and sober men disdains, Who loves his case, or longeth for his chains ? Who· envy wicked men their hurting power, Who do believe their sad approaching hour ? Who the toad's hurtful venom envieth, Who'd have the basilisk's pernicious breath? Who longs to be a serpent for the sting ? It's worse to be a great, but hurtful king. Christians by patience win a better crown, Than all the bloody conquerors' re.nown. True Christian kings, who rule in peace and love A better kingdom have with Christ above. Our king may with more peace and safety rule, Than the great Turk, :artarian, or Mogul. No king so mighty as the devil is, Nor hath dominion so large as his. Yet would no wise man such a devil be, That he might be as powerful as he; If any would be such, his own desire Makes him a Devil fitted for Hell-fire.