Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. 163 God only bath a perfect unity, Of the same world, some blest, some cursed be, Some union stands with great diversity, Apples and crabs may grow on the same tree. Blest union is of good things near of kin, To things discordant union causeth pain ; An.aching tooth_Js better out than in, To loose a rotting member is a gain. The nearest fuel is consum'd by fire: God's wrath is near, the wicked to uestroy. To holy souls, who God's love most desire, He is their full and everlasting joy. Ten thousand stars and cSJ,ndles give one light, Concordant sounds make one sweet melody: Two ears one hearing cause; two eyes one sight; But light and darkness have no unity. Here wicked men are every where in wars: Men against men, as tigers fiercely rave: Our minds, and wills, and passions, have their jars : Our souls and bodies mortal discords have. Though life be short, and death is at the door, Impatient foes think pQsting time too slow, They grudge to let us live a few days more; Revenge and malice long to give the blow. ButHeav'n hath no such work: there's no such men, Nothing is there the blessed to annoy, With Christ and angels holy souls shall then Praise God in perfect life, light, love, and joy ! Amen. Decemb, 17, 1682.