Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S .POEMS. SACRED HYMNS. THE ?RAYER OF A PENITENT S~NNER, COLLE(iTEP OUT . OF THE PSALMS. LoRD, from the horrid deep my cries Ps. 130 .. 1. Ascend unto thine ear, Do not my mournful voice despise, But my petition hear. I do confess that.I receiv'd Ps. 51. 5. . My very shape in sin; . In it my mother me conceiv'd, And brought me forth therein. Numberless evils compass me, Ps. 40. 122. My sins do me assail : More than my very hairs they be, So that my heart doth fail. But there is mercy to be had Ps. 130. 4. With thee, and pardoning grace, That men may be encouraged With fear to seek thy face. Have mercy, Lord, and pity take Ps. 51. 1. On me in this distress, For thy abundant mercy sake Blot out my wickedness. My youthful sins do thou deface Ps. 25. 7. Keep them not on record; But after thine abundant grate Remember me, 0 Lord.