Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. Reason taught heathens that their country's good \Vas worth the shedding of their vital blood : A faithful subject thinks his life a thing Meet to be cast away to save his king. True soldiers would choose death, if so they may But save their captains' lives, or win the day. Many have chose to die through love of friends, Preferring them above all selfish ends. It is not reason but blind selfish passion, If one refuse to die to save a nation. A s1lly useless wretch should not refuse His death, before a useful man's, to choose. My neighbour as myself I must respect, And for my brethren must my life reject.:lt' 0 doleful proof of man's unhappy fall ! 'That loves not God above himself and all ! And if I love him most, He is my end : Man's love above the lover must ascend ! But 0 how wisely hast thou made the twist ! To love thee and myself do well consist. Love is the closure of con-naturals ; The soul's return to its originals : As every brook is towards the ocean bent; And all things to their proper element : And as the inclination of the sight, How small soever, is unto the light: As the touch'd needle pointeth toward the pole; Thus unto thee inclines the holy soul : It trembleth and is restless till it come Unto thy bosom, where it is at home. * 1 John iii, 16, B3 5