Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXT.ER'S POEMS, But well I saw there was no turning back . Nature is loth to go to Hell awake· Thy Gospel told me, I might mercy find: , Nothing but Hell and darkness was behind. At last thy grace br.ought me to this conclusion, To hope and seek I ·fix'd my resolution. 11 0 my dear God! how precious is thy love! Thy griefs prepare us for the joys above. Yet these my wounds and smarts were not so great As many's who sat long in scorners' seat ~ Nor did the change so suddenly begin, As to make known .when special grace came in In my young years thou hadst convinced my soul : Conscience did childish vanity controul : I liked thy ways as best : I honour'd those That folly shunn'd, and holy wisdom chose: Thou hadst prevented oaths and horrid crimes : And the enormous vices of the times : Preserving me from youthful lusts and rage : The thoughts of thee ,increasing with my age. This greatest change began when I was green, Having not much above three lustres s'een : Therefore I doubted whether it were true, Because its entrance I no better knew. Long was I sadly questioning thy grace, Because thy Spirit's steps I could not trace. . The difference is so great 'twixt Heavtn and Hell, That those must differ much who there must dwell. I fear'd the change which raised my soul no higher, Would not suffice to save me from Hell-fire. But above all, I thought so hard a heart Could not' among the living have a part.