Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

44 BAXTER'S POEMS. I proposed to have recited the most notable mercies of my life, in continuing this hymn of thanksgiving to my gracious God; but the quality of the subject, and the age's impatience .stopped me here, and I could go no further, and my painful and spiritless age is now unfit for poet1;y : and the matter is so large, as would have made the volume big. THE RESOLUTION. PSALM 189, 96. Written when 1 was silenced and cast out, ~c. LoRD, I have cast up the account What it will cost to come to thee : I find to wliat it will amount A serious Christian to be. ·when flesh was weighing, thou puts in ~ Thy love, and the eternal crown, Against a feather, and a sin : And yet it thought these weigh•d thee down. Fool as I was, I took its word, And chose what flesh did recommend : How could I more have wrong'd my Lord? Or more his love and name offend ? It had been wiser to have thought, The earth is weigh'd down by a fly: Than to prefer a thing of nought Before the love of the Most High . .I see now what false scales can do,, In a deceitful partial hand