Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. And, lost in sin, do never see Thy kingdom, and thy pleased face. May but my soul dwell near my God, And walk with him in faith and love, No matter where be my abode, Till to his glory I remove. What if in prison I must dwell? May I not there converse w,ith thee ? ·save me from sin, thy wrath, and hell, Call me thy child; and I am free. , No walls or bars can keep thee o1,1t: None can confine a holy soul: The streets of Heav'n it walks about; None can its liberty controul: .Alas, my dark'ned mind is chain'd· To earth and flesh through unbelief I It looks and longs by distance pain'd: When wilt thou hear and send relief ? 0 loose these chains of sin ·and flesh ! Enlarge my .heart in thy commands: Could I but love thee as I wish, How light would be all other bands! Must I feel sicknesses and smart, An9. spend my days and nights in pain ? Yet if thy love refresh my heart, I need not overmuch complain. This flesh hath ~rawn my soul to sin; If it must smart, thy will be done 1 0 fill me with thy joys within, And then I 'lllet it grieve alone. Then to its sufferings I'll consent To be avenged .on my foe, D 49