Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. 55 It's winged faith, and flaming-love within, 'fhat inust the pleasant melody begin: The holy Spirit must tune and touch each string, Else smoothest verse will be a harsh dull thing ; . Display thy love; shoot down thy vital rays! Teach this cold heart the works of love and praise ! 0 then, whatJ life and joy these psalms will bring, When it's thy spirit, and my soul that sing! And though low strains with stops, are here my best Yet perfect love and praise shall be my rest . THE THREEFOLD NATIVITY. Prima dies hominem peperit, 'simctumque secund·~ Natalis; pariet Mors tert~a glo'rificatum. Mv first birth-day brought forth a man, in sin : But one that could not work, nor go~ nor speak. My second did a life of grace begin~ "' · But such, alas! as yet's diseased and weak. The third from fleshly bonds will me release, And bring me to the world of glorious light : Where all my sins and ve:xing griefs shall cease ; And faith shall end in perfect love and sight. This death begins; but 'tis the resurrection, That fully shall obliterate sin's story; And state both soul and body in perfection, Eglory. Where grace and nature shall be crown'd with As nature taught me first complaining cries, · Before it did acquaint me with delight: So grace with grief first fill'd my heart and e_yes , Before it shewed me the joyful sight .