Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

60 i'AXTER'S POEMS. ' They that still watch, and for Christ's coming waif, Can turn away from, or despise the bait. Flesll~ Must I be made the foot-ball of disdain? And call'd a precise fool Or ·puritan? . Spirit. Remember him that diddespise the shame, And for thy sake bore undeserved blame. 'fl1y journey's of small.moment if thou stay Because dogs bark, or stones lie in the way. If life lay on it, would'st thou turn again, For the winds blowing or a little rain? [s this thy greatest love to thy dear Lord? . That canst not for his sake bear a foul word ? Wilt thou not bear for him a scorner's breath, 'That underwent for thee a cursed death'? Is not Heav'n worth the bearing of a flout? Then blame not justice when it -shuts thee out. lVill these deriders stand to what they say, And own their words at the great dreadful day? Then they'd be glad, when wrath shall overtake them, · To eat their words, and say they never spake them. Flesll. How, forsake all? ne'er mention it more to me; · I '11 be of no religion to undo me. Spirit. Is it not thine more in thy father's hand, Than when it is laid out at sin's command? And is that saved that 's spent upon thy lust'· Or which must be a prey to thjeves or rust? And wouldst thou have thy riches in thy way, \Vhere thou art passing on and canst not stay ? And is that lost that 's sent to Heav'n before? Had'st thou not rather have thy friends and store, .