Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

64 . BAXTER'S POEMS. Take down my pride; let me dwell at thy "feet: The humble are for earth and Heav'n most meet. Renouncing flesh, I vow myself to thee, With all the talents thou hast lent to me. lJet me· not stick at honour, wealth, or blood: Let all my days be spent in doing good. Let me not trifle out more precious hours ; But serve thee nowwithallmy strength and powers : If flesh should tempt me to deny my hand ; Lord, these are the resolves to which I stand. Oct'Ober 29, 1659. RICHARD BAXTER. THE PRAYER. OF THE SICK, IN A CASE LIKE HEZEKIAies. To the Tune of the blst Psal!ll. THE FIRST PART. ETERNA~ God, 'whose name is love; Whose mercy is my hope and stay: 0 hear and help me from above, That in distress to thee do pray. Ashamed to lift up my face, . Hence from,the dust to thee I cry: Though ! have siun'd against thy grace Yet unto .it alone I fly. [ was at first in sin conceived, Then lived a vain and sinful life ; Rebellious flesh which I received, Is still against thy grac~ in strife.