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70 THE COVENANT AND, CONFIDENCE OF FAITH.'* To the common Tunes. MY whole, though broken heart, 0 Lord! . From henceforth shall be thine ! And here I do my vow record: This hand, these words are mine. All that I have, without reserve, I offer here to thee : Thy will and honour all shall serve, That thou bestow•dst on me. All that exceptions save llose: All that I lose I save : 'fhe treasure of thy-love I choose; And thou art all I crave. l\1 y God, thou hast my heart and hand: I all to thee resign. I •n ever to this covenant stand, '11lough flesh ~ereat repine. I know that thou wast willing first ; And then mad•st nie consent: · Having thus loved me at the worst, Thou wilt not now repent. * This cvvfnant my dear wife in her former sickness subscribed with a cheerful will.-Job xii. 26.