Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

72 ~AXTER'S POEMS.• Christ leads me through no darker rooms Than he went through before: · He that into God's kingdom coll)es, Must enter by this door. . . . Come, Lord, when grace hath maue me meet, Thy blessed face to see: For if thy work on earth be sweet, What will thy glory be? Then I shall end my sad complaints, And weary, sinful days: And join with the triumphant saints, 'fhat sing Jehov.ah's praise. My knowledge of that life is small; The eye of faith is dim : But it's enough that Christ k~ows all; And I shall be with him. A PSALM ·oF PRAISE. To the Tune of the I48th Psalm. YE holy angels bright, Which stand before God's throne, . And dwell in glorious light, Praise ye the Lord each~one. You there so nigh Are much more meet Than we the feet, For things so high.