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126 LIFE OF RICHARD BAXTER. which it bath foiled many, that stood unshaken in the storms of adversity. The tempter, who hath had you on the waves, will now assault you in the calm, and hath his last game to playan the mountain, till nature cause you to descend. Stand this charge, and you win the day. "* 11. "Richard Baxter's Confession of Faith, especially con- cerning the Interest of Repentance and Sincere Obedience to Christ in our Justification and Salvation," 4to. published in 1655. This was designed, as a farther explanation and defense of his Aphorisms. " In my Confession," he says, " I opened, the whole doctrine, of Antinomianism, which I opposed." " And I opened the weakness of, Dr.._ Owen's reasonings for justification before faith. in his former answer to me." 12. " Richard Baxter's Advice to the Members of Parliament, in a Sermonpreached imWestminster Abbey." Published in 1655. "This was," he says, " one scrap of a sermon preached tomany members of parliament, which was takenby some one and printed ; and is nothing but the naming of .a few directions which I then gave the parliament men for church reformation and peace. "-t 13. "Making Light of Christ and Salvation, too oft the Issue of Gospel Invitations : a Sermon preached at Laurence Jury in London." 4to. published in 1655. Another so searching, fervent, eloquent appeal to irreligious and careless men, can hardly befound in any language. 14. "A Sermon of Judgment; preached at Paul's, before the Honorable Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London, Dec. 17, l.654, and now enlarged." 4to. published 1655. This, in the octavoedition of 'his practical works, is a treatise of nearly a hundred pages. 15. " The Quaker's Catechism ; or the Quakers questioned, their Questions answered, and both published for the Sake of those of them that have not yet sinned unto Death, and of those un- grounded Novicesthat are n'rost in Danger oftheir Seduction." A pamphlet in 4to: published' in 1655. The occasion of this little work, he describes in the following words : "The Quakers began to ¡Hake a great stir amongus, acting the part of men in raptures, speaking in the manner of men inspired, and every where railing against tithes and ministers. They sent, many papers of queries to divers ministers about us ; to one of the chief of which I wrote an answer, and gave them as many more questions, to answer, entitling it ` The Quaker's Catechism. These pamphlets, being but one or two days'. work, were no great * Orme. The Apology of Baxter has not been before me. t Narrative, Part I. p. 111.