Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v1

'8 CONTENTS. 46. He is faithful and laborious in hisoutward trade orcalling, not out ofcov- Page. etousness, but obedience to God, 539 47. Heis very conscionable in the duties ofhis several relations, in his family orother society, as a superior, inferior, or equal, 540 48. He is the best subject, whether his rulers be good orbad, though infideland ungodly rulers may mistake, and use him as the worst, 540 49. His trust in God doth overcome the fear of man, and settlehim in a con- stant fortitude for God, 545 50. Judgment and zeal conjunct are his constitution; bis judgment kindleth zeal, and his zeal is still judicial, 546 51. Hecan bear the infirmities of the weak, and their censures and abuses of himself; and requiteth themnot with uncharitable censure or reproach, 548 52. He is a high esteemerof the unity of Christians, and abhorreth the prin- ciples, spirit, and practices of division, 549 53. He seeketh the church's unity and concord, not upon partial, unrighteous, or impossible, but upon, the possible, righteous termshere mentioned, 556 54. He is ofa mellow, peaceable spirit; not masterly, domineering, hurtful, unquiet, or contentious, 560 55. Hemost highly regardeth the interestof God, and men's salvation in the world; and regardeth no secular interest ofhis own, or any man's, but in subserviency thereto, . 563 56. He is usually hated for his holiness by the wicked, and censured for his charity and peaceableness by thefactious and the weak; and is moved by neither from the way of truth,.. . 566 57. Thoughhe abhor ungodly, soul-destroying ministers, yet he reverenceth the office as necessary to the church and world; and highly valueth the holy, faithful laborers, 667 58. He bath great experience of the providence, truth, and justice of God, to fortify him against temptationsto unbelief, 569 59. Though he greatly desireth lively affections and gifts, yet he much more valueth the three essential partsof holiness, I. A high estimation in theun- derstanding, ofGod, Christ, holiness, and heaven, above all that be set in any competition. 2. A resolved choice and adhesion ofthe will, to these above and against all competitors. 3. The seeking them first, in the en- deavors of the life. And by these he judgeth of the sincerity of his heart, . 569 60. He is all his life seriously preparing for his death, as ifit were at hand; and is ready'to receive the sentencewith joy; but especially he longeth for the blessed day of Christ's appearing, as the answer of all his desires and hopes, . 571 Six usesof these characters, 574 MAKING LIGHT OF CHRIST ; A sermon, . . 583