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CONTENTS OF THE530051) VOLUME. DYING THOUGHTS. Upon Phil. i. 23. [The reader of the " Dying Thoughts," may sometimes find himself perplexed, if not lost, among the complicated divisions and subdivisions of thesubject, divisions and subdivisionsnot always clearly indicated. Some attempt might have been made tomark the progress of meditation anddiscussion in that work, and topoint out the relations of one part to another, and of the several parts to the whole, if the editor had deemed it proper for him to use such liberty with the text of his author. If however the reader, in studying that work for it is a work to be studiedwill occasionally advert to the full syllabus exhibited in this Table of Contents, made out by Baxter himself, and not by the editor,he will find a clue to guide him easilythrough all its labyrinths.] Preface, Introduction, Page. 12 13 DOCTRINE FIRST. That thesouls of believers, when departed hence, shall be with Christ, 23 I. Thenecessity of believing this, proved, . 23 II. Whether it be best believing it, without consideration of the difficulties or proofs, . . 26 M. The certainty of it manifested, 28 I. Prom the immortality of the soul, which is proved, 1. The soul is a substance, . . . . . 28 2. It is a substance formally differenced from lower substance, by the vir- tue of special vital activity, intellect, and free will, . 30 3. It isnot annihilated at death, . 30 4. Nor destroyed by dissolution of parts, 31 5. Nor loseth its formal power or virtue, . 31 6. Nor doth sleep or cease to act, 32