Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

BAXTER'S DiNG THOUGHTS. 113 temptations of the world and flesh. The glorious light is the re- ward of the victory obtained by the conduct of the light of grace. God, in great mercy, even here, beginneth the reward. They that are'true to the initial light, and faithfully followon toknow the Lord, do find, usually, such increase of light (not of vain notions, but of quickening and comforting 'knowledge of God) as greatly encour- ageth them still on to seek for more. It is very pleasant here to in- crease in holy knowledge3 though it usually bring an increase of malignant opposition, and so of sorrows to the flesh. The pleasure that the mind hath in common knowledge, brings men through a great deaf of labor to attain it. How many years' travel over land and sea do some men take, to see and know more of this lower world, though it is little that they bring,home, but more acquaint- ance with sin, and vanity, and vexation ! How many more years do thousands spend in the reading multitudes of tedious volumes, that they may know what others knew before them ! Printers and booksellers live by our desire of knowledge. What soul, then, on earth, can possibly conceive how great a pleasure it will be for a glorified soul'to see the Lord ! Though I cannot now conceive what that intuition of God himself will be, and whether it will not be a glorious kind of concluding or abstractive knowledge ; wheth.' er the glory whichwe shall see be only a created appearance of God, or be his veryessence, it satisfieth me that it will be as per- fect aknowledge as is fit for me to desire ; and I shall then desire nomore than is fit; and what it is I shall thenknow by itself, for it is'not otherwise to be clearly known. And all the pleasure that I shall have in heaven, in knowing any of the works ofGod, will be in my beholding God himself, his being, his vital power and action, his wisdom, and his love and goodness, in those works ; for he is the life and glory of them all "Blessed are the pure in heart,, for they shall see Clod." 2. And, doubtless, it will be no small part of my delight to see and know God's perfect works; Imean the- universe itself. I can- not say that I shall have so large a capacity as to. comprehend all the world, or know it perfectly, and wrth an adequate knowledge; but I shall know it in such perfection as is suitable to my capacity. Itis exceeding pleasant to know the least particles of the works of God. With that diligence and delight have men endeavored to anatomize a body, yea; a small part of a carcass, and to know and describe poor worms and insects, plants and minerals ! and no man ever yet perfectly knew the least of them all. No herbalist or physician ever yet knew the;nature and uses of any one herb with an adequate knowledge. With what delight and diligence are physical searches carried on in the world, though still we are all but groping. in the dark, and ignorant of many things for one that VOL. H. . 15