Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

116 BAXTER'S DYING TiIOUGtITS. O, what a joyful sight to me will the heavenly Jerusalem then be ! The most glorious sight will be at the great marriage-day of the Lamb, when Christ shall come to be glorified in his saints, and ad- mired in all them that now believe ; butthe next to that will be the day of my particular deliverance, when I shall come to Christ, and see the saints admiring him in glory. IfI wereof the opinion of those Greek fathers; who thought that stars were angels, or had intellectual souls, (matters unknown to us,) I should love them as my guardians, and take it to be yet more of my concernment to be advanced to the fuller knowledge of them. But seeing I know that angels love us, and by office do attend and keep us,and rejoice at our good, and at our repentance, ant, which is far more, are more holy and excellent creatures than we are, it is, therefore, my comfort to think that I shall better know, them, and live in near and perpetual acquaintance and communion with them, a more sensible and sweet communion than we can have with them here. Devils are aerial,and near to this dark and sinful world, and oftener appear. to men than angels. But the angels affect not such descending appearances, till love and obedi- ence to their Lord make it pleasing to them ; and therefore we have but little knowledge, even of those that know, and loge, and keepus. But when we come -home to their nearest society and converse, to know them will be sweet and joyful knowledge.; for they are more excellent creatures than the most glorious that are below the intellective nature. They are full of light, and full of love to God and man. Had God bid me pray to them, I would not have refused it, but taken it for my honor; but seeing he hath not, I will do that which he bid me, even love them, and rejoice in my relationto the innumerable company ofthem, in.the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, (Heb. xii. 22.) and long to know and love them more ; expecting, ere long, tobear my part in the praises of God and of the Lamb, in the same choir where they are the precentors. And that I shall know the spirits of the perfected just, and be of their communion, will be no small addition to my joy. How sweet bath one wise and holy, though weak andblemished, com- panion been to me here on earth ! And ,how lovelyhave God's graces in such, though sullied, appeared to me! O, then, what a sight will it be when we shall see the millions of souls that shine in perfect wisdom and holiness with Christ! To see a garden that bath some beautiful flowers in it, is something ; but ifyou saw whole fields and countries shining with them, it would be a glory, though fading, to the earth. A well-built city is a pleasanter sight than a single house, and a navy than a ship, and an army than one man. And if this poor, low. world did MI consist ofwise,, and just,