Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

A 136 BAXTER'S DYING THOUGHTS. souls. It is but forgiving all my sins, and removing this film that sm hath gathered, and my illuminated soul'will see thy glory. I know that the veil of flesh must be also rent before I shall see thee with open face, and know my fellow-citizens above as I am known. It is not heaven on earth that I am begging for ; but that I may see it from Mount Nebo, and have the bunch of grapes, the pledge and the first-fruits, that faith and hope which may kindle love and desire, and make me run my race in patience, and live and die in the joy which beseemeth an heir of heaven. But if my part on earth must be no greater than yet it is, let it snake me the wearier of this dungeon, and groan more fervently to be with thee, and long for the day when all my longing shall be satisfied, and my soulbe filled with thy light and love. 2. And, doubtless, as I shall love the angels and saints in heaven, so I shall, some way, in subordination to Christ, be a re- ceiver from them. Our love will be mutual ; and which way soever I owe duty, I shall expect some answerable return ofbene- fit. The sun shineth upon the stars, as well as upon the earth, and stars on one another. Ifangels are greatly useful to me here, it is like they will be much mole there, where I shall be a more capable receiver. It will be no diminution to Christ's honor, that he there maketh use of my fellow-creatures to my joy, no more than it is here. Thewhole creation will still be one compaginat- ed frame ; and the heavenly society will forever retain their rela- tion tq each other, and their aptitude and disposition to the duties and benefits of those relations. And as we shall be far fitter for them than here we are;so shall we have far morecomfort in them. How gloriously will God shine in the glory of the blessed ! How delightful will it be to see their perfection, in wisdom, holiness, love and concord ! Whàt voices theyuse, or what communication, instead of voices, we shall shortly know; but surely there is a blessed harmony of minds, and wills, and practice. All are not equal; but all accord to love and praise their glorious God, and readily to obey him, and perfectly to love each other. There is nojarring, or discordant spirit that is out of tune ; no separation or opposition to each other. As God's love in Christ is our full and final happiness, so nature, which bath made us sociable, teacheth us to desire to be loved of each other, but especially by wise and worthy persons. Saints and angels in heaven will love incomparably better than ourdearest friends on earth can do, andbetter than they didthemselves when we were on earth ; for they will love that best which is best, and where there is most of God appearing ; else it were not intellectual love. And therefore they will love us as much better when we come to heaven, as we shall be better. If