Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

APPENDIX. 183 but common, plain, unlearned men, that it might not be thought a deceit of art. 6. Yea, he did not make much more known to them before his death, than the bare matters of fact which they daily saw, and that he was the Christ, and moral doctrine': his death, resur- rection, ascension, and kingdom of heaven, they-knew little of be- fore but experience, and the sudden coming down of the Spirit, suddenly taught them all the rest. 7. They taught not one another, but were every one personally taught of God. 8. And yet they all agreed in the same doctrine when they were dispersed over the world, and never differed in any one article of faith. 9. They were men that had no worldly interest, wealth, or do- minion to seek. 10. Yea, they renounced and denied all'worldly interest, and sealed their testimonyby their, sufferings and blood ; and all in hope of a heavenly reward, which they knew that lying was no means to obtain. 11. Had they plotted to cheat the world, for; nothing, the sin is so heinous that some one ofthem would have repentedand confess- ed it, at least at death ; which, none of them did, but died joyful- ly, as for the truth. 12. Paul was converted by a voice and light from heaven, in the presence of those that traveled with him, in his persecuting design. 13. But yet it is a fuller evidence, that the doctrine which they delivered, as fromGod, beareth a divine impress ; that, as the light, it is its own evidence. 14. And for the more infallible conviction, they that testified of Christ's miracles, did the like themselves to confirm their testimony. They spake with tongues-which they never learned they healed all diseases; even the shadow of Peter, and the clothes that came from Paul, did heal men ; they raised thedead ; and they that in all countries converted the nations by their own miracles, attesting the miracles and resurrection of Christ, must needs compel the spectators to believe them. 15. Yet, more than all this, those that believed themwere pres- ently enabled to do the like, in one kind and degree or other. The ' same extraordinary gift of the Spirit fell upon the common multi- tude of believers, by the laying on of the apostles.' hands ; so that Simon Magus would fain have bought that power with money. And when men witnessed Christ's miracles, and wrought the like themselves, and those that believed., them had and did the like,