Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

APPENDIX. 189 cept that some receive more apocryphal writings, which yet make no alteration at all of our gospel faith. Quest. But Both not this laying so much on tradition favor Popery ? Answ. No. The difference is here. 1. Papists are for tradition as a supplement to the Scripture, as if this were but part of the word of God ; and, 2. They plead for a peculiar power of being the keepers and judges of that supplemental tradition which other churches know nothing of. But we, 1. Plead for the infallible, practical tradition of the es- sentials of Christianity by itself, and in the creed, &c., which is less than the Scripture ; 2. And next, for the certain tradition of the Scripture itself, uncorrupted in all that faith depends on ; which Scripture is the complete recordof God's will and law, containing more than essentials and integrals. So much of God, I. Manifested in the flesh ; II. Justified in the Spirit. III. He was seen of angels ; that is, angels were the beholding, witnessing, and admiring servants of this great mystery, God mani- fested in the flesh. 1. Angels preached Christ at his incarnation. 2. Angels ministered to Christ in his temptations, agonies, &c. 3. Angels were preachers and witnesses of his resurrection. 4. Angels rolled away the stone, and terrified the soldiers. 5. Angels preached his.return to them that gazed up at his as- cension. 6. Angels opened the prison doors, and set the imprisoned apos- tles free once, and Peter alone, afterwards. 7. Angels rejoice in heaven at the conversion of all that Christ brings home. 8. Angels disdain not to be the guardians of the least of Christ's disciples. 9. Angels are protecting officers over churches and kingdoms. 10. Angels have preached to apostles, and been the messengers of their revelations. 11. Angels have been the instruments of miracles, and of de- stroying the'church's enemies. 12. Angels will, ministerially convoy departed souls to Christ. 13. Angels will gloriously attend Christ at his return, and sever the wicked from the just. 14. Angels will be our companions in the heavenly choir for- ever. Therefore, 1. We should love angels. 2. And be thankful to God for them. 3. And think the more comfortably of heaven for