Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

52 BAXTER'S DYING THOUGHTS. And that the Spirit of this Savior did sanctify God's elect from the beginning; and gave them the same holy and heavenly dispositions (in some degree) before Christ's incarnation as is given since ; yea, it is called ' The Spirit of Christ," d'hich was before given; I Pet. i. I1. 3. That this Spirit was then given to more than the Jews. 4. That Christ hath put that part of the world that hear not of his incarnation into no worse a condition than he found them in: that as the Jews' covenant of peculiarity was no repeal of the universal lawof grace, made byGod with fallenmankind, in Adam and Noah ; so the covenant of grace of the second edition, made with Christ's peculiar people, is no repeal of the foresaid law in the first edition, to them that hear not of the second. 5. That all that wisdom and goodness, that is in any without the Christian church, is the work of the Spirit of the Redeemer; as the light which goeth before sun-rising, and after sun-setting, and in acloudy day, is of the same sun which others see, even to them that see not the sun itself. 6. That the liter any without the church are to the sanctified believers, the better they are, and the more unlike the worse ; so that all these six thingsbeing undeniable, it appear- eth, that it is the same Spirit of Christ, which now giveth all men what real goodness is any whele to be found. But it is notorious that no part of the world is, in heavenliness and virtue, comparable to true and serious Christians. 7. And let it be added, that Christ, (Eph. is 14. 2Cor i. 22 and v. 5. Rom. viii. 23. 2 Tim. ii. 19. Eph. i. 13. and iv. 30. 1. John v. 9, 10. Heb. x.15.) who promised the greatest measures of the Spirit, (which he accordingly bath given;) did expressly promise this, as a means and pledge, first fruits, and earnest, of the heavenly glory; and, therefore, it is a certain proof, that such a glory we shall have. He that can and doth give us a spiritual change or renovation, which in its nature and tendency is heaven- ly, and sets our hopes and hearts on heaven, and turneth the en- deavors of our lives to the seeking of a future' blessedness, and told us, beforehand, that he would give us 'this preparatory grace, as the earnest of that felicity, may well be trusted to perform his word inour actual glorification. And now, O weak and fearful soul ! why shouldest thou draw back, as if : the case were yet left doubtful ? Is not thy foundation firm ? Is not the way of life, through the valley of death, made safe by him that 'conquereth death? Art thou not yet delivered from the bondage of thy fears, when the gaoler ayd executioner, who had the power of death, hath by Christ been put out of his power, as to thee ? Is not all this evidence true and sure? Hast thou notthe witness in thyself ? Hast thou not found the motions, the effectual operations, the renewing changés, of this Spirit in thee