Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5200 .B352 1835 v2

66 BAXTER'S DYING THOUGHTS. my supenors, and, as a poor, weak member, am little worth in comparison of the whole body, the church of Christ, and receive continual help from the whole, so, how far it will be thus in glory I know not ; but that God will still use second causes for our joy, I doubt not, and also that there will not be an . equality ; and that it will be consistent with God's all-sufficiency tous, and our felici- ty in him, that we shall forever have use for one another, and that to sit'down with Abraham, 'Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of God, and to be in 'Abraham's bosom, and to sit at Christ's right and left hand, in his kingdom, and . to be ruler over - ten cities, and to join with -the heavenly host or choir, in the joyful love and praise of God, and of the Lamb, and many.such like, are not. false nor useless notes and notions of our celestial glory. And, certainly, if I be with Christ, I shall be with all that are with Christ; .even with all the heavenly society. Though these bodies of gross, passive matter musthave so much room, that the earth is little enough for all its inhabitants ; and those at the antip- odes are almost as strange to us as if they were in.another world ; and those of another kingdom, another province, or county, and oft another parish, yea, another house, are strangers to -us ; so nar- row is our capacity of communion here. Yet we have great cause to think, by many Scripture expressions, that our heavenly union and . communion will be nearer and more extensive ; and that all the glorified shall know each other, or, at least, be far' less distant and less strange than now we are. As Isaid'before, when I see how far the sunbeams do extend, how they penetrate our closest glass, and puzzle them that say, that all bodies are impenetrable; when I see how little they hinder the placing or presence of other creatures, and how intimately they 'mix themselves with all, and seem to possess the whole region of the air, when yet the air seemeth itself to fill it, &c., I dare not think that glorified spirits (no, nor spiritual bodies) will be such strangers to one another as we are here on earth. And I must needs say, that it is a pleasant thought to me, and greatly helpeth my willingness to die, to think that I shall go to all the holy ones, both Christ and angels, and . departed, blessed souls. For, 1. God bath convinced me that they are better than I, (each singly,) and therefore more amiable than myself. 2. And that many are better than one,and the whole than a poor, sinful part, and the New Jerusalem is the glory of the creation. 3. God hath given me a love to all his holy ones, as such. 4. And a love to the workof love and praise, which they continually and perfectly perform to God. ' 5. And a love to the celestial Jerusa- lem, as it is complete, and to his glory , shining in them. 6. And my old acquaintance with many a holy person gone to Christ,