Heaven Collection BV4831 .B4 1765

WHO LOSE THE SAINT'S REST. 101 to this, if all the world were against them, or if the strength of all creatures were united in one to inflict their penalty. They had now rather venture to dis- please God than displease a landlord, a customer, a master, a friend, a neighbour, or their own flesh : but then they will wish a thousand times in vain, that they had been hated of all the world, rather than have lost the favour of God. 'What a consum- ing fire is his wrath ? If it be kindled here but a little, how do we wither like the grass ? How soon doth our strength decay and turn to weakness, and our beauty to deformity ! The flames do not so easily run through the dry stubble, as the wrath of God will consume these wretches. They that could not bear a prison, or a gibbet, or a fire, for Christ, nor scarce a few scoffs, how will they now bear the devouring flames of divine wrath. Y0. (2,) The place or state of torment is pur- posely ordained to glorify the justice of God. When God would glorify his power, he made the worlds. The comely order of all his creatures declareth his wisdom. His providence is shown in sustaining all things. When a spark of his wrath kindles upon the earth, the whole world, except only eight per- sons, are drowned ; Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim, are burnt with fire from heaven ; the sea shuts her mouth upon some; the earth opens and swallows up others ; the pestilence destroys by thou- sands. What a standing witness of the wrath of God is the present deplorable state of the Jews ! Yet the glorifying the mercy and justice of God, is intended most eminently for the life to come. As God will then glorify his mercy in a way that is now beyond the comprehension of the saints that must enjoy it ; so also will he manifest his justice to be indeed the justice of God. The everlasting flames of hell will not be thought too hot for the rebellious and when they have there burned through millions of ages, he will not repent him of the evil which is befallen them. Woe to the soul that is thus set up as a butt, for the